Webiste Support And Maintenance

Are you losing your conversion due to stale, broken or vulnerable website?

Are you losing your conversion due to stale, broken or vulnerable website? Don’t worry our Web maintenance staff will make you website professional as you are.

Why web maintenance is needed?

Website which are daily updated and kept fresh boost traffic and increase the conversion

Regular maintenance of your website makes your site unique

Interactive design and relevant service to the site makes your business effective and you can focus on your business.

What is web maintenance?

All websites and web applications which are created needs to be updated in order to keep the content fresh and effective. Some websites are needed daily updates whereas some require periodic maintenance Website maintenance services includes revising, editing, changing existing webpages or create new pages so as to keep your website fresh and rich with new contents. The periodic addition of webpage also comes in website maintenance. The second main reason of updating content of website is the constantly changing rule of the search engine, which has to keep an account of these rules, if not then the site can easily be “buried” in the search engine results. This days the server provides the best performance of 99% uptime, but still we need to have regularly check the forms and the mail links at least weakly so as to be sure that the enquiries are been forwarded from the website properly. By outsourcing your website maintenance services, you will be free to focus on your business growth.

Key Points

  • Website housekeeping

  • CMS engine updates

  • Routine backup of website as well as databases

  • Adding/modifying/ removing pages