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Tissot Milan Explorer

At a Glance

Tissot is active at Milan's Expo2015. Tissot supplies, through a group of young and skilled guides, all the info about cultural events. To help the local and International tourist plan their visit through Expo. Xovak, in partnership with Stylum, designed the web app that tracks the events and supports the guides.

  • Client

    The Swatch Group

  • Brand


  • Sector


  • Services

    UX Design
    Interface Design
    Mobile Apps

  • Type

    Ipad Web Application

The Challenge

Xovak designed a web app that informs the guide and can be used together with the tourists. The selection can be done by time and place with the added feature - "mood" mode. A search based on the Tourists' mood.

The web app goal is to create a connection between the Brand and the User's Experience.

Our Approach

Design a new way to interact and promoting events and products in the same time, helping citizen and tourist.

The Results

Working closely with Tissot we were able to design the app for a flawless user experience as well as branding it with their Brand Values. Our goals was to show the product how the event, the brand and the experience fit perfectly together.