The Italian Way to Smart Community

Italian Smart Cities

At a Glance

Italian Smart City is the first web platform that help sharing projects developed by the local public administration and make them available and replicable by other cities.

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The Challenge

Create a way to browse and represent complex data from thousand of heterogeneous public offline information in a modern web platform accessible from desktop, tablet and smartphones.

Our Approach

Starting from the data, we worked with Top-Ix consortium product development team to create a standardized model to display, organize and search the smart cities projects. The process involved information architecture, user experience and finally the responsive user interface.
The front-end implementation has been a joint effort with our office neighbors

The Results

We made 1227 projects, 110 cities, 4 Billion Euro investment discoverable, accessible, and replicable for other cities around the world.

Lorenzo Benussi
Business Development and Research - TOP-IX

Xovak has a great team of professionals that proved to be reactive and extremely effective in assessing and solving the problems we faced during the development of Italian Smart Cities.